Compassionate. Customized. Collaborative.

Assurance Home Care Ottawa is focused on senior in home care services Ottawa. Delivered in a caring and professional way by our carefully selected team.  Individuals who are passionate about what they do, understand and respect the desire for independence while working closely with family members.

What makes us different

Assurance Home Care has taken a fresh, new approach to senior care in Ottawa.  Assurance Home Care was built using a model that focuses on delivering high value. We direct our resources into our team of caregivers - where it really counts - and not in large offices, franchise fees or a heavy administrative staff.  This allows us to deliver maximum value for you and your family member, our clients. We are not a franchise - we live and work in Ottawa and are part of the community.  

At Assurance Home Care we use a "high touch, high tech" approach for our home care Ottawa services.

High touch

This "high touch" approach starts out by understanding our clients and their individual needs. This is usually accomplished with a face to face home visit with either the client or the family or both. Once all needs have been assessed and a customized care plan is in place any combination of family, client, Assurance Home Caregiver, (and even other team members like the CCAC) are all in close contact and work in a coordinated fashion to respond to the needs of the client.  This is all facilitated and supported by an active owner and management team. This makes the process seamless and holistic delivering high value for you. 

High tech

This "high touch" approach is aided by an increasing number of "high tech" tools that provide frequent, if not, real-time information from caregiver directly back to either the family or Assurance Home Care or both. This technology, mostly mobile based (iPad, smartphone), allows for more frequent interactions and updates as well as more robust reporting. Family can login to a "family portal" or receive "pushed" messages via email or text.

The Assurance Home Care approach is to provide the absolute best-in-class care to your loved one. We are always striving to improve our home care Ottawa services and add value to the relationship. We have a deep understanding of the incredible responsibility that we are given. Our commitment is to surpass all of your expectations by delivering true value through professional, experienced, well-trained and genuinely caring team members. Learn more about the home care services we provide.

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