Transforming Care with Heart and Expertise

Assurance Home Care embodies excellence in home care, driven by a commitment to quality and understanding. Our ‘Caregiver First Approach’ and our own personal journeys fuel our goal to exceed care expectations, ensuring everyone feels valued and supported through personalized, respectful home care services

The Assurance Difference

At Assurance Home Care, we set ourselves apart with our unparalleled commitment to quality care and deep understanding of our clients’ needs. Our approach combines thoughtful matching of client and caregiver, advanced training and preparation, and compassionate service, ensuring every client feels valued and cared for. Our focus on continuous improvement and client feedback helps cement our position as a trusted leader in home care making us a preferred choice for families for almost a decade. The Assurance difference is visible in every smile we bring to our clients’ faces…and it’s backed up by our “Make it Right” Guarantee.

The Caregiver First Approach

At Assurance Home Care, we deeply value the voices and experiences of our caregivers. Our ‘Caregiver First Approach’ is more than just a philosophy; it’s a commitment to nurturing and supporting our caregivers in every aspect of their professional journey. We believe that by investing in our team — through comprehensive training, offering choice in client matches, and fostering a supportive work environment — we not only enhance their job satisfaction but also uplift the quality of care they provide. This approach leads to a happier, more empowered team, which in turn translates to exceptional service delivery and complete client satisfaction. Experience for yourself the joy and fulfillment they find in making a real difference in the lives of those they care for and discover why putting caregivers first makes Assurance Home Care stand out in providing compassionate, top-quality care.

How Assurance Home Care Transforms Lives with Compassion and Respect

Join Kristine McGinn, co-owner of Assurance Home Care, as she shares her profound journey in the healthcare industry and the personal story that ignited her passion for making a difference. With over three decades of diverse nursing experience, Kristine’s mission is deeply personal, stemming from a pivotal moment with her mother that highlighted the societal invisibility faced by the elderly. Assurance Home Care is built on the principle that everyone, regardless of age or gender, deserves to feel seen, respected, and valued.

Hear how Assurance Home Care champions this belief by empowering their caregivers with choice, flexibility, and unparalleled support, ensuring a perfect match between caregivers and clients for an exceptional care experience. Discover the heart behind Assurance Home Care and why their dedicated approach to home care is changing lives, one individual at a time.