Our team

Through our unique and rigorous hiring process Assurance Home Care only engages with caregivers that meet or surpass our high standards for service delivery.  Once this threshold has been met, new team members are introduced to the Assurance method for delivering outstanding care. Most importantly, ensuring that care is given in a compassionate, meaningful way.


The 3X3 Assurance Screening process

Team members go through our "3X3 Assurance Screening" process.  This 3 step interview process includes not only qualification and experience screening but personality analysis as well.  We include what we call our "vocation analysis" which highlights candidates that are truly passionate about delivering caring, personal service to seniors and have a strong desire to be in our industry. 

Those that meet the initial qualifications are then moved on to process 2 and 3 seen below.          

Assurance screening process for joining the team - senior services Ottawa


Matching and continuity

Assurance Home Care places a great deal of emphasis on making sure there is a good fit between the Assurance Home Caregiver and your loved one.  Matching is based on 3 criteria:

  • Current availability.

    We will check to make sure that we have a caregiver that is not only available immediately but that will also be able to provide care on an on-going basis, with reliability.

  • Common interests.

    Often the relationship between caregiver and client can be strengthened through some common interests. These can include a variety of interests like art, pets, religion, books, music. After a consultation we'll start to develop a profile that we can use to make the best match.

  • Overall compatibility.

    After an in-depth home visit we'll hope to get a good picture of personalities and other factors that we can use to get a sense of who on the Assurance Home Caregiver team may work out the best. We pride ourselves and work hard to ensure that these are wonderful matches.

Of course, should at any time you or your parent feel that the match is not suitable we are happy to start the process over again and to quickly provide a new caregiver without interruption.


if you want to deliver best-in-class care and think a career with Assurance home care might be right for you then get in touch. call us at (613) 513-8875 or