Why Declutter

Apr 26, 2017
Stephen Bleeker

As the years pass, we collect mementos in our homes. Some have tremendous sentimental value, whether it’s your grandfather’s war medals or the snow globe from your last vacation.

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Other items simply seem to collect with no thought or objective, from magazines to old clothes to mismatched flatware. When the time has come to downsize from the family home, it becomes time to say goodbye to many of these items, some more treasured than others.

There are many situations that call for decluttering. Are you getting ready to downsize and need to pare down your possessions? Are you sick of storing junk in the basement and want to turn it into a hangout zone for the grandkids? Has an accumulation of stuff has started to affect the enjoyment and comfort of your home? Here are some convincing advantages of decluttering your life:


When you begin hiding stuff inside other stuff, or shoving things out of sight for cleaning purposes, it’s time to address the real problem of hoarding too many items. As thing begin to pile up, it can quickly turn any surface or space into an unclean environment. Dust mites and allergens for example, can build up and settle, contributing to a stuffy environment. Decluttering is necessary to keep your home nice and clean. Especially as the years pass and it becomes harder to bend down and clean in those tiny crevices, leaner is cleaner.


For some people who experience a more intense level of hoarding, this can actually place themselves and loved ones at a greater risk when it comes to safety concerns.

In extreme cases, clutter can start to cause a safety concern. Is clutter blocking access to a doorway or window? Is there junk in the way of the furnace or electrical panel or blocking ventilation? This makes it difficult to get out quickly in an emergency situation and increases the risk of a fire.

In addition, dust naturally clings to clutter –whether it’s old furniture, clothing, or books. And of course, dust contributes to poor air quality, which exacerbates symptoms for those with allergies, asthma, or other lung difficulties. Decluttering clears the air – literally.

Peace of Mind

When you spend the time tossing out items that you no longer use and organize your living space, it means that you can spend less time having to look for items and deal with a disorganized environment in the future. Thus, you get more time for yourself to relax. Many studies have proven that when you organize your living environment, it directly benefits your emotional and mental state of mind. It boosts your ability to focus, along with concentration and even creativity.

Makes Downsizing a Breeze

Do you have too much home now that the kids have moved out? Are you tired of paying money to heat and cool such a large house? Is going up and down the stairs becoming a challenge? When it’s time to downsize and you need to fit your life’s worth of stuff into a smaller space, decluttering is a must. There’s nothing worse than feeling like your new apartment or condo is bursting at the seams with belongings that bring you no joy. By spending time sifting through, tossing away, and donating your excess items to those in need, you can help yourself and others, while making the downsizing process much easier.

Don’t let clutter stand between you and your best life. This spring, reward yourself by decluttering.