Three Signs That Your Aging Parents May Need Assisted Living

Oct 15, 2018
JF Berube

When we are young, our parents are the strongest people we know.  We all relied on our parents.  They helped us to become the people we are today.

Things change, however, and at some point, your parents may need more from you.  Watching the changes that accompany old age can be distressing and unsettling for adult children, but it will benefit both parents and children alike to recognize the signs that they may need more care.

Financial Worries

Life can get expensive.  As we are living longer, routine expenses such as utilities, insurance, health products, even grocery costs, take up more and more of our disposable income.   Retirement savings need to last far longer than we once anticipated.   Have you noticed that your mom and dad are delaying opening bills, cutting back on food or other basic needs?  Will they have enough to cover winter heating costs? Now might be a good time to discuss how far their fixed income and precious savings will take them.

Struggles with Self-Care

We all know that old age isn’t for the faint of heart!  Aches and pains, long lists of medications, memory issues, changes in hearing and vision, these challenges can seriously limit day-to-day activity and productivity and impact quality of life.  If your mom and dad are unable to use the tub or shower easily or navigate the stairs, cook healthy foods, or clean up around the house, they could be putting themselves at risk of injury or serious illness that can have some dire long-term consequences.  Is their house not as clean as it once was, is laundry piling up because the washer and dryer are in the basement?  Take a good look around and keep an eye out for changes.

Changes in Mood

For many, the physical changes and loss of routine or close friends can result in feelings of sadness, anxiety and even depression.  If you notice your parents are experiences changes in mood or are losing interest in social activities, it may be taking a toll on their happiness and yours.   Maybe it is hard for them to hear in a large group. Perhaps they are avoiding driving at night.  This may mean missing a cherished bridge game, dinners out, or a book club.  They may benefit from new experiences and friendships and creating new memories in a safe and supported setting.

What now?

Sandwiched between maintaining their own family life and managing the needs of ageing parents or even older siblings, most adult children experience stress.  There are times, however, when it can become overwhelming, impacting the health and well-being of all.  Do you need some advice on assisted living options?  Assurance Home Care has a well-trained, experienced team of compassionate caregivers who will provide you with the reassurance that your parents are receiving the right amount of attention and assistance.  Want to know more?  Contact us.  We would be happy to discuss the best options for your family.  Let us show you the difference that confidence and peace of mind can make.