Is Home Care Right for Dad?

Feb 09, 2017
Stephen Bleeker

Are you noticing gradual signs that Dad is beginning to slow physically or experiencing cognitive decline? It can be a hard reality to face if Dad is having difficulty preparing meals, running errands, or is starting to be forgetful.

As Dad transitions to his elder years, it’s a situation that may eventually require a conversation about where to go next. When you begin to worry about his safety and recognize that you can no longer provide the level of care that he needs, it’s time to consider your options to learn whether home care is right for Dad.

Here are some factors to look for that will tell you it’s time.

You Want Your Dad to Be Safe

Of course, safety is always the biggest concern when Dad has reached a point where you fear for when he may be alone. Even with the amount of care you provide, it may come to a point where you need help. He could require much more round-the-clock care, or you could just need help with checking on Dad every couple days to make sure his home is safe, clean, and comfortable.

You Can’t Provide the Level of Care Required

This is one of the main factors that highlights when it’s time to really talk about hiring a home care service for a family member. As much as you want to be there and care for Dad, it simply isn’t always possible. Between your family, work, and simply not having the knowledge, skills or strength to help bathe Dad, help him get dressed, prepare meals, do light housekeeping, or run errands. Home care can fill in the gaps when family is unable to provide round-the-clock care.

Remove Pressure

It can be extremely difficult to commit to having your Dad cared for by someone you don’t know very well. It’s common to have feelings of guilt when you can’t care for him yourself. But it’s important to acknowledge to reality of the situation and recognize that you truly are doing what is best for your dad, while removing some of that pressure that’s been placed on you. Caregivers are carefully selected to be the right match for your parent, in terms of abilities, interests, and personality. Over time, caregivers become like a part of the family, too.

He’s Recovering from Something

If your loved one has undergone surgery or a health scare of some sort – whether heart attack, stroke or some other ailment, they will need the proper assistance with in their recovery. For instance, if Dad slipped on the ice and broke his hip, you may not be strong enough to help him with bathing or getting up to use the bathroom. If Dad is recovering from an illness, he may need help with errands and light housekeeping.

We always want what’s best for our parents. As they grow older and begin to falter physically or mentally, we want them to be safe. I’s important to recognize when we are no longer able to provide the level of care and support they require. Home care is a service that can provide the right care and comfort for your dad while alleviating some of the pressure placed on you. With home care, Dad can maintain independence and stay at home.

–       Stephen Bleeker