How To Discuss Home Care With Your Parents

Sep 15, 2020
JF Berube

Discussing home care with your parents can be a daunting task. Change is hard and it can be scary, especially for seniors, who prize their independence and have spent lives as providers and caregivers. However, change is inevitable, and it can be vital, especially if it is in response to your parents’ age and physical and mental wellbeing.

If you believe that your Mom and/or Dad would benefit from home care services, discuss it with them. The following article is designed to help you start this crucial conversation in a loving and effective way.

Take it Slow

While you may feel an urgent need to act and provide your Mom and Dad with immediate care, it’s important to consider their feelings and their comfort level when discussing home care. Be patient with them and reaffirm that your concern comes from a place of love.  Ask, rather than direct.  “Mom and Dad, I’ve noticed how tired you’ve both been lately, do you think you would benefit from extra help?” Their response will give you insight into their living situation and help you take a necessary course of action.

Identify the Primary Issues with Them

Start by explaining the reasons for your concern and the conversation. Have there been falls, or a few dents in the car?  If they are losing weight, are they eating right?  Have shopping and cooking become a chore?  Is the house a bit messy because the vacuum is too heavy to handle?  Considering that COVID 19 has impacted everyone’s social calendar, are they still seeing, or at least talking to their friends?  Avoid overload!  Before sitting down with them, have this conversation with yourself.  It will help you to prioritize and narrow your focus.

Listen In Order to Understand

It’s human nature to want to protect those we love.  When health and safety are the issue, we want to act!  But, don’t disregard their feelings or their insights.  Your Mom and Dad have worked hard their entire lives, raised and supported you and lived an independent life. You can understand their reluctance to acknowledge the changes and cede control. Embrace their concerns and try to find the common ground to ensure that, as they age, they will continue to be well cared for, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

 A discussion about home care services with your parents requires their perspective, and it will make everyone more comfortable when decisions are made.

For more information on home care services, and if they’re right for your Mom and Dad, contact Assurance Home Care today!