Give Mom and Dad a Hand with Housekeeping Services

Apr 10, 2017
Stephen Bleeker

Continuing to live full, independent lives at home well into our golden years is the goal for many of us. But as our backs start to ache, our knees start to lock up, and arthritis sets in, everyday chores can become more of a challenge.

Retiring at home is the dream, but it doesn’t always feel that way on laundry day or when trying to vacuum the house. Climbing stairs, bending over, and maneuvering throughout the house gets harder and harder.

A housekeeping service can help bridge the gap by taking care of these small tasks for Mom and Dad. You can give your parents the freedom and independence of remaining in the comfort of their own home, while ensuring that their living environment stays clean and healthy.

Personalized Cleaning Services

One of the best aspects of hiring a housekeeping service for your Mom and Dad is that it can be tailored and customized according to what they need. Whether it entails giving the entire home a thorough, deep cleaning, doing laundry, organizing kitchen drawers, or simply focusing on the tasks that are difficult for your parents to do, such as vacuuming and mopping – they get to decide what gets focused on and cleaned.

A Clean House is a Healthy House

When you do begin to notice that your parents’ home is looking unkempt, it’s important to take into consideration that pride may come into play. When your parents begin to struggle with those everyday tasks that they were so on top of initially, it can be a difficult thing to admit to when it’s time to ask for help. They may be embarrassed to invite people in and may begin to isolate themselves. Daily or even weekly visits from a housekeeper specializing in elder care provide social stimulation and companionship for Mom and Dad.

A Clean Environment Helps Promote a Positive State of Mind

Living in a state of chaos where the home is messy and unclean can create a negative environment that can impact the state of mind and wellbeing of your parents. By keep the home clean and fresh, it can clear out that negative energy and allow them to feel proud of their home and feel better about themselves.

Why not give Mom and Dad a helping hand with housekeeping services? Assurance Home caregivers are happy to help with a range of light housekeeping duties, from making beds and changing linens to light dusting and gardening. Call 613-706-1623 to learn more about how we can help make daily life a little easier for Mom and Dad.

–       Stephen Bleeker