Dealing With Alzhiemers as a Family

Dec 26, 2016
Stephen Bleeker

Once the diagnosis comes through, it can be quite shocking for those affected by Alzheimer’s. Not only is it a debilitating and fast-acting disease for Mom or Dad, but it is also very challenging for the family members and close friends. There is no simple way to deal with the disease, but there are steps to ease the burden as things progress.

Go to Support Groups

There are plenty of support groups available for both those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and their family members who are party to the disease. The support groups provide much-needed information and guidance for dealing with the new way of life. Support groups also provide a safe space to voice how you are dealing with things and relieve some of the stress that is undoubtedly built up.

Have Frequent Visits by the Same People

Whether you use a care providing company such as assurance home care or you commit yourselves to frequent visits, it’s important that your loved ones experience companionship. Familiarity with the visitors is always a helpful thing as the disease progresses. So if you choose to use assurance home care in a companionship role, be certain to introduce them at an early stage so that they are comfortable with the companion as the stages continue to grow.

Know The Stages

It’s important to educate yourself and the members of your family on how Alzheimer’s will affect their loved one’s memory and actions. Alzheimer’s is a complex disease that can manifest itself in people differently, but it is never an easy battle to fight. As a caregiver, it’s important to be as educated as possible so you know what to expect and can prepare your family for what is coming in the future. If Mom and Dad want to know how the disease will affect them as it progresses, it’s important to provide them with the information they seek. Knowledge is power and even though Alzheimer’s is an uphill battle, knowing what you’re dealing with can help to ease some of the pain.

Dealing with Alzheimer’s as a united family will be challenging, difficult but most of all helpful for the one with the disease. A strong support system and unconditional love and acceptance will make the challenging days ahead seem easier to endure. Always remember you are not alone in the journey as many people are diagnosed with this disease every year. If you are willing and able to, help and Alzheimer’s care is available.

  • Stephen Bleeker