5 Simple Ways to Reduce the Risk of Falls at Home

Jun 12, 2017
Stephen Bleeker

If you’re caring for an aging parent or loved one, then worrying about slips and trips is often a common concern. And reducing the chances of them enduring a fall is a priority. So to help keep Mom and Dad safe and sound, here are five simple ways to reduce the risk of falls at home.

Assess Your Home for Hazards

Every home has tripping hazards that we may not pay much attention to. But when you’re caring for aging parents, it has to become a priority since minor falls can cause a much more severe impact on them. So begin by looking around your home with a more stern set of eyes. This could include installing grab bars in the bathroom, purchasing a seat for the shower, placing handrails along the patio stairs, and ensuring there is adequate light throughout your home, especially at night.

Keep Your Home Organized & Tidy

It’s one thing to install some extras features to enhance safety and comfort, but if your home is disorganized and messy, this alone can create plenty of tripping hazards. Try to keep your home clean and organized so there aren’t any items lying around that someone could trip over.

Talk to Their Health Care Practitioner for Suggestions

You should also talk to their doctor to discuss your concerns. They can provide more knowledge about your loved one’s condition. They can also provide recommendations to include in your home to help create a safer environment that you may not have thought about.

Encourage Them to Stay Active

Another simple way to reduce the risk of falls is by encouraging Mom and Dad to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. By including exercise in their regular routine, they can improve the strength and health of their bones and muscles. This can help maintain better balance and coordination, while minimizing impacts or injuries if a fall ever does occur.

Put Your Plans into Action

Finally, all of these tips are only helpful if they are implemented. So be sure that in seeking out information, that you make the time to include these strategies and changes throughout the home.

Help minimize the risk of falls for your loved one by assessing the home and incorporating strategies such as these to keep them safe and steady on their feet.

For more senior health and safety tips, reach out to Assurance Home Care!

–       Stephen Bleeker