4 Methods to Help Improve Your Memory

Sep 14, 2018
JF Berube

We indeed take for granted just how important memories are to living a fulfilling and experience-rich life. Our minds help us remember all the good times and all the bad times, all the friends we’ve made along the way, and the places that we never want to forget.

Unfortunately, as we age our memories can weaken as we grow more susceptible to medical circumstances that plague our long and short-term memory. There are ways to impede the ageing process of our brains, and much of it has to do with how we treat our bodies now. Here are a few methods you can practice to combat memory loss so you can remember the good times, for a long time.

A Healthy, Balanced Diet

Many of the foods the Earth provides us contain properties that are beneficial for our brains and therefore our memories. The diet that is known to be the best memory regeneration is called the Mediterranean diet, which is a diet focused on vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish and beans. This diet can help counter diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and breast cancer in women. Other foods such as walnuts, avocados, dark chocolate and cinnamon have been known to provide cognitive advantages.

Start Working Out

Much of the points listed above are even more effective when coupled with physical exercise. When working out the levels of oxygen in your brain increase, this helps lower the chances of contracting life-altering diseases such as diabetes which has been known to impact memory.  Daily physical activity has been linked to strengthening components of the brain responsible for neuroplasticity, which is an automatic process the brain undergoes to rearrange its current structure to help sustain a healthy life as you age. Physical activity has been known to have a positive impact on mental health minimizing the harsh effects of depression and anxiety which can play detrimental roles in the loss of memory.

Train Your Brain

Just as you can exercise your body, there are ways to exercise your brain to improve your memory. The brain is a very complex processing unit which sometimes requires certain techniques to help trigger memories. One of the methods that can help is called “mnemonic devices,” which consists of linking things we wish to remember with objects, words and images. These devices help the brain memorize essential information over the long-term and allow us easier access to the information. Games and other fun things to help keep your mind active are reading and writing rhymes and acronyms. Having daily conversations with friends and family members is also great for brain health.

Ensure You Get A Great Sleep

Sleeping is our bodies ‘reset’ mode and can help the brain retain superior memory for as long as you live. Many individuals that suffer from poor memory retention get under the recommended amount of sleep per night, which is around 8-10 hours. When you don’t get enough sleep, the brain has a difficult time retaining new memories and sustaining the memories you already have. It gets more difficult as you get older to maintain a full-time job and a social life and a steady sleep schedule. However, making sleep a priority, much like eating breakfast and working out, will play a crucial role in sustaining a high-performing memory.

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