Meal Delivery Service

Our meal service is for everyone, whether you are too busy with work and family to make nutritious, tasty meals or whether you need some extra assistance due to other limitations…or maybe just because you love to treat yourself every once in a while. Our freshly cooked meals are for you! Call us today to learn more.

salmon meal preparation

Commitment to excellence

Our kitchen team is committed to excellence in everything we do.  Our head chef also has many years of experience as a Nurse and is very focused on nutrition.

We are very proud of the meals we produce as everything is made from scratch weekly using only whole fresh foods and pure ingredients.

Focus on variety and health

Our menus change weekly and are varied in terms of choices. Our entire Assurance team has the highest interest in the health, nutrition and wellbeing of our clients.

We adapt our menus for all food allergies, sensitivities, diabetes, salt intake and any other health related concerns. We also offer Vegetarian menus, Halal and kosher meals. Please note that we do follow the Halal / kosher meal preparation, but our kitchen is not kosher or Halal.

pasta wide noodle dish - healthy meal preparation

chicken breast meal - how to order meal

When and how to order

We send out our menus every Monday morning and request that your order be submitted by Tuesday at noon. Simply reply to the email with what you would like …or phone us in the office at   at 613-513-8875. Our email is

Our meals are prepared on Thursdays.  We then immediately deliver them to you, same day.  You can expect your delivery between 3PM and 7PM depending on your location, traffic and weather conditions.  

pork chop - meal portions

Pricing, portions and delivery

Entrees $29 .95 per order (called Regular, which are 2 generous servings)

We also offer a Single serving for $19.95.  If not specified the order will always be Regular portion.

 Soups and Desserts $12.95 per order of soup or desserts when they are offered.  We offer a soup each week and desserts occasionally. Our soups are two generous servings as well.

 We also offer a Single serving for $7.95.  If not specified the order will always be Regular portion.

Delivery charge $5.95 regardless of number of meals.

Here is a sampling of our various menus this season

Sample 1

1) Mexican pulled chicken soup / crispy tortilla strips " southern " cornbread

2) Carrot and ginger soup

3) Slow roasted BBQ pork ribs / fresh corn salad / herbed potatoes 

4) Authentic Irish Stew . Slow simmered with lamb chunks in a rich Guinness broth / Homemade Irish rolls 

5) Beef / feta / caramelized red onion burgers / Tzatziki / potato salad / roasted carrots 

6) Tomato based Sausage linguini 

7) Individual sticky toffee puddings with caramel sauce .

Sample 2

1) French onion soup / Homemade gruyere croutons 

2) Half seasoned and roasted chicken / rosemary new potatoes 

3) Pork souvlaki / Greek salad

4) Asian shrimp with  vegetables / basmati rice 

5) Beef and sausage  pasta ragu 

6) Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies 

Sample 3

1) Creamy roasted tomato and basil soup

2) Quinoa tabouli salad with marinated / grilled chicken skewers  

3) Asian chicken lettuce wraps

4) Pork tenderloin diablo / creamed potato / roasted broccoli 

5) Cheesy Tex mex chili 

6) Pasta with chicken / bacon / Spinach 

7) Blackened fish taco bowls 

8) Handpicked Newfoundland partridge berry muffins 

Sample 4

1) Carrot and ginger soup with turmeric 

2) Mediterranean pasta with grilled / marinated chicken breasts 

3) Salmon and spinach rosti bake 

4) Greek chicken and vegetable tray bake / lemon potatoes 

5) Almond and raisin rice pilaf / garlic lamb chops 

6) Ginger beef / basmati rice 

7) Almond butter high protein oat balls 

Sample 5

1) Cream of Mushroom soup

2) Seafood chowder

3) Honey / orange glazed salmon with almond and raisin rice pilaf 

4) Asian chicken salad 

5) Confetti quinoa salad . May add grilled chicken or pork tenderloin slices.

6) Pasta with fresh tomato / olives /garlic and feta . May add a sauté of lemon garlic shrimp 

7) Cottage pie 

8) High protein / high fiber peanut butter bites 

Sample 6

1) Canadian split pea soup

2) Maple pork tenderloin / buttered peas / "smashed " Parmesan baby potatoes 

3) Seafood OR chicken and mushroom crepes / green salad / organic apple cider vinaigrette 

4) Baked chicken and broccoli casserole topped with buttermilk biscuits . / hint of hand ground South Indian curry powder 

5) Spicy Thai coconut curry noodles and sliced peppers /topped with crushed peanuts / fresh cilantro

6) Shirley's famous and much requested - Chicken pot pie 

7) Handpicked Newfoundland partridge berry muffins